Easy step by step guide for Order Tiger Admin Dashboard - Multiple Menu

To add a Multiple Menu you simply need to follow the following steps:

1. Click Menu and Scroll down to Menu

2. Click on the blue box “Add Menu”

3. Enter code 1



The menu will be set in English language as default.

4. Name menu usually Menu as the name of the menu will be displayed on the app

5. You can add a description here in the box, this will be displayed on the top of the menu.

6. The description here could be something like a temporary notice, an offer or general information about your menu.

7. Please make sure you save

8. Now re-do process 2 to 7

9. Add code as 2 tis time

10. You can for instance add a lunch menu and call it “Lunch Menu”



10. Make sure you save and you should end up with the following



And this is what how the menu will be displayed under the Menu box on the Online ordering widget