Launch a multi vendor food ordering system easily and expand it without the need for a large team

Build your own hyperlocal online food ordering and delivery marketplace, where numerous restaurants and food delivery businesses converge on a single platform. Our dependable and robust multi vendor food ordering system is equipped with automated features that streamline manual tasks, enabling you to focus your efforts on the growth of your marketplace.

210+ marketplaces
4,700+ locations
3+ million orders
multi vendor food ordering system

Drive revenue with the leading multi vendor food ordering system

Online marketplaces using Order Tiger's multi vendor food ordering system can grow revenue and expand faster while reducing manual processes saving you the need to recruit additional resources.


ROI after switching to
Order Tiger


more revenue from
consumers ordering


reduction in
expansion costs

How it works?

Start, run, grow and scale your digital marketplace faster and easier than ever

Launch fast

Accelerate your go-to-market strategy & see results in weeks, not years without the development time. We offer more than a Minimum Viable Product (MVP); our suite of multi vendor food ordering system products is mature, stable, & scalable, honed over 20 years to ensure battle-tested reliability.

Onboard merchants quickly

Add unlimited locations without incurring extra charges. Enable merchants to sign up and get paid in minutes using a shareable link, create menus quickly with re-usable customisable options, and tailor order management to fit your outlets' needs plus more. All designed for rapid onboarding.

Scale entire operation

We have fully automated every aspect necessary for running a multi vendor platform. From delivery and marketing, to payment splitting, order management, and monitoring. Save valuable time and resources by simply setting it up once, and let it run smoothly forever.


A fully integrated suite of products for your food marketplace

We bring together everything that's required to operate a full-fledged marketplace. Our powerful suite of multi vendor food ordering system products includes a customer-facing website and mobile app ordering system, a centralised dashboard, an order management application - all tailored to your brand.

Customer Mobile Apps

Branded fully native mobile ordering apps that rival the big tech competitors.
Enterprise-grade, designed for speed, conversion, and customer loyalty.


Set up, monitor, and manage every aspect of your multi-level business through our convenient web-based management portal.

Multi-level access
Add unlimited locations
Bulk location updates

Menu Management

Easily add multiple menus, categories, products, and customise options.
Re-use options across multiple products.

Order Monitoring

Track the order status of all current and past orders, across all the merchants associated with your marketplace.

Location Management

Rapidly expand your marketplace by adding unlimited locations. Simplify partner management with self-service access.

Merchant App

Let your store partners receive, confirm, and conveniently print their online orders through Merchant apps.

Store-level access
Order & stock management
Sales analytics & reporting
Use cases

Differentiate your hyper local marketplace platform

Serve multiple verticals or specialise in a single niche.
Discover countless use cases that can be applied to your on-demand marketplace.
What's your startup idea?


Build your multi vendor food ordering system with speed and flexibility

Highly flexible & customisable with multiple configuration options to suit your marketplace, store partners and consumer needs.


Uninterrupted operations, reliable solutions and, exceptional support

Say goodbye to lackluster support, buggy products, rigid systems, unusable software & downtimes. Rest assured, we've got your back.


Integrates with all the tools you love or already use

If your preferred delivery service provider or software isn't listed, please get in touch with us. We may be able to add it for you at no extra cost.

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The #1 hyperlocal marketplace software, designed to drive profits.

Order Tiger is the trusted on-demand marketplace ordering & delivery platform for solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs, and independent delivery services. Helping to provide an additional revenue stream efficiently and profitably.


Marketplaces worldwide


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Numerous marketplaces are using Order Tiger to become the preferred hub in their local community, be it their hometown, city, or even state. When will you?

Finally, you and your team can focus 100% on growing your business without the burden of managing it.

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